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About Artist-N-U

Our paint parties aren't just all fun and games. Artist-N-U was created by local artist, Tashita Bibles, as a way to offer art therapy in a fun, affordable manner. Tashita has combined her love of art, experience in event planning, and of course her experience as a mother to create party packages for people of all ages and artistic backgrounds. 

Abstract Lines

About Tashita Bibles

My name is Tashita Bibles I am Head Artist and owner of Artist-N-U. The ability to create art is my God given gift that was fine tuned over the last 30 plus years with the help of several great public school teachers in Hillsboro, TX as well as Waco, TX. As a teen I was introduced by my Hillsboro Jr. High school teacher to a private mentor that taught me to create beautiful art using oil paint and that it was ok to be me. That experience I believe changed the direction of my life forever.


After graduating from Waco High I was exposed to excellent instructors while studying Commercial Art and Advertising at TSTC that helped my gift to flourish even more. Throughout my life I have challenged myself to learn to use different mediums and create on various surfaces. If I couldn’t draw something I always studied it and practiced until I could. At the present moment acrylic has become my medium of choice because it’s awesome when teaching new students. It’s forgiving and error proof.

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